Cosell Film Study: Corey Davis

By Greg Cosell

 Different locations in tight 3 man bunch to the field out of 11
personnel (Davis was predominantly #3) / z to the field out of 12
personnel (the movement receiver re: shifts and motions) / Inside slot
to trips in 1×3 sets out of 11 personnel (winning TD versus Eagles) /
#1 to both the boundary and the field in 2×2 sets, often with minus
splits / #1 to trips in 3×1 sets out of 11 personnel / Slot to twins
opposite closed boundary formation out of 12 personnel / Boundary x
out of 11 personnel / Shifts across the formation – Overall Davis was
used more as the z receiver than the boundary x in the Titans offense;
51 yards versus Eagles came out of 12 personnel with Davis the z to
the field
 Davis from tight bunch and the slot worked between the numbers
running in-breaking routes
 Davis showed strong run-after-catch ability on bubble screens and
short throws like slants and pivot routes
 28 yards versus Eagles featured Davis shift across the formation to #1
to the field, Titans formation and route concept resulted in Davis one-
on-one versus corner Mills on the out-and go
 Davis ran sit routes in the mesh concept, The sit route is normally the
zone beater in the mesh concept
 23 yards versus Bills featured Davis motion across the formation to
stacked twins to the field, 2 man route concept resulted in Davis one-
on-one versus corner Gaines on the deep dig – Well-designed 1 st + 10
concept out of 12 personnel
 24 yards versus Ravens came out of 11 personnel but was very similar
concept as 23 yards versus Bills, creating by formation and 2 man
route concept to the field a one-on-one matchup for Davis on the deep
dig versus corner Smith
 Davis showed the route running ability to win one-on-one both from
the outside and in the slot, He beat some quality corners with some
nuanced route running [Davis ran some excellent routes versus
Stephen Gilmore] – Very effective running deep digs

 23 yard TD versus Patriots another example of Titans creating one-on-
one matchup for Davis, They did it with Davis shift across the
formation to bunch and then with the 3 man route concept
 23 yards versus Colts week 11 came on a dagger out of trips with
Davis at #2 running the dig
 Davis featured on out routes from conventional z to the field out of 12
personnel – Again creating one-on-one match-ups for Davis with
personnel, formation and play calling/route design
 Davis ran a lot of in-breaking routes (digs were featured) from
multiple formations and splits, Against man he was working one-on-
one versus the corner and against zone they were predominantly part
of hi-low concepts
 Davis more snaps at boundary x as the season progressed, Evident
versus Redskins and Colts – My sense looking at Davis size/speed/skill
set profile is that he can develop into a quality boundary x


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