Cosell Film Study: Derrick Henry

By Greg Cosell

LAST 4 GAMES [87-585-6.7-7]
 10 of Henry’s 17 runs versus Jaguars came on 1st down, 3 came on
goal to go plays; Only 4 of Henry’s runs came out of the shotgun
 Iso lead weak to the boundary out of straight I formation versus
Jaguars over front: 14 yards, Great one-on-one block by OC Jones on
weak side 1 technique Ankou
 Titans ran both iso lead weak to the boundary and iso lead strong to
the field out of the straight I formation, Stocker was primarily the
 Outside zone to the field out of 11 personnel/1 back I, Titans ran it to
the slot side attacking the nickel corner; Inside one/duo also featured
out of 1 back I
 Shotgun runs predominantly came out of 11 personnel and were
almost always inside zone, Titans also ran inside zone out of pistol;
Titans featured 1 direct snap to Henry and they ran counter weak for
15 yards
 99 yard TD versus Jaguars was a downhill power run out of 13
personnel closed to the field – Double by Lewan and Spain, and
outstanding blocks by all 3 TE got Henry into the secondary
 16 yard TD versus Jaguars was a downhill power run out of 11
personnel with WR jet action, OC Jones outstanding job working off
double to block LB Jack, Henry great job with his path helping to set
up Jones second level block
 Titans featured multiple zone run concepts with Henry as the single I
back, and multiple iso lead concepts out of the straight I formation
with Stocker the fullback – Double teams a featured tactic of Titans
run game
 Titans also featured pin-pull concept out of nasty splits, with Lewan
the puller (RT Conklin or Kelly not athletic enough to pull effectively in
pin-pull concept)
 Henry showed the speed to bounce designed inside runs outside and
out-flank the pursuit: 54 yard TD versus Jaguars a good example of
that, There were many examples in the 4 games that ended the
 The more I watched Henry the more I saw a feel for navigating
confined space even though you wouldn’t describe him as laterally
quick or explosive, What also stood out was his feel for both setting up
and reading second level defenders

 One thing that consistently stood out was OC Jones had a very good
feel for the timing of double team blocks working to the second level
 TE Stocker was an important part of the Titans run game with his
ability to line up in multiple positions and be effective as a blocker
 Titans showed a designed cut back to the boundary off a toss to the
field, They did this out of 13 personnel
 Titans showed split flow zone out of balanced 12 personnel with nasty
WR splits
 Jet sweep action part of Titans run game, at times with return action,
all designed to impact the second level of the defense
 Titans more of a zone running team with Henry but they did feature
snaps of gap scheme with counter weak the predominant run
 Titans also featured 1 direct snap versus the Giants and they ran split
flow zone off jet action, another example of Henry using his speed to
bounce outside and win to the perimeter
 What stood out watching Henry was he was a sustainer, getting extra
yards seemingly effortlessly; He also showed a good balance between
being patient and being decisive
 Titans again showed pin-pull concept versus the Giants, Again it was
to the left side of the formation with Lewan pulling; Good concept run
for Henry allowing him to gain some downhill speed – Titans did run
pin-pull to the right versus the Giants with Kelly pulling
 WR Davis must become a better run blocker, especially with the Titans
focus on Henry and the run game
 Titans significant snaps with 13 personnel, In that personnel grouping
Henry predominantly ran downhill (inside zone/duo) and outside zone;
Henry run game out of 13 personnel was featured part of game plan
versus Redskins
 Another direct snap to Henry versus the Redskins, This came in the
tight red zone and they ran counter away from the TE and to the slot
 Henry 12 yards versus Redskins came on well executed counter weak
run out of 12 personnel with TE Pruitt the wrapper leading into the
designed hole and blocking the play side stacked LB
 Iso lead strong to the field out of the straight I formation: 18 yards
versus Redskins – Iso lead concepts a featured part of Titans run
game the last 4 games with Stocker in the fullback position
 3 direct snaps to Henry in the Colts game including his first rushing
attempt: Inside zone off jet action / Power off jet action / Inside zone
off jet action
 Continued to see the same base runs versus the Colts week 17: Inside
zone, outside zone, some gap scheme, iso lead out of straight I, pin-

pull concept – Titans also showed a zone counter concept working off
initial outside zone action, It was a run they had not shown in the
previous 3 games
 13 personnel was clearly a foundation personnel grouping on Henry
runs in the final 4 games of the season; Some 6 OL personnel versus
the Colts week 17
 What stood out watching the final 4 games was Henry showed some
creativity as a runner, He showed the ability to work through the
second and third levels of the defense outside the designed structure
of the run design


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